A little bit

I know how you feel in this world of destruction and pain. I feel I can hear Louis trying to convince me that this world is wonderful world. I look upon the stars with hope and admiration… but I know around half of those stars are actually dead from where they are. I look at […]

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Who would’ve thought you be here now with me with such happiness in your heart. The other day you came to me with a gun to my face telling me that you wanted me dead, life is funny thing. Do remember when in October I was in casino not having a glue what I was […]

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Even when the sky changed colour I have never knew such beauty , I always believe that we not alone in this world I am sure of it. I went to Scotland last week to see the northern lights and gazed at its beauty I was shock when Ken from the Park try to charge me £70 to sit in the park view the […]

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